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What Makes Oceanos The Best Seafood Restaurant In New Jersey?

It’s difficult to respond to such a question with only one answer. Is it the quality and freshness of our seafood? Is it our innovative and fun dishes? Is it the friendly, welcoming and comfortable upscale atmosphere that we’ve worked hard to provide? Is it the forward-thinking attitude of the Panteleakis family that sets us apart from other seafood restaurants in New Jersey? 

To us, it’s all of these factors — and more — that come together to make Oceanos Oyster Bar & Sea Grill a truly magnificent, unforgettable dining experience. 

We Take Pride In What We Do. Here’s Why!

Many people tend to view restaurants as a way to eat something you can’t make at home (or don’t want to go to the hassle of making at home), and nothing more. You come in, sit down, order your food, eat it, pay, and go home. That’s the extent of countless restaurant experiences around the country, and even other seafood restaurants in New Jersey. 

Now, we don’t want to come across like we’re bashing other restaurants in the area. America is the land of the free and a place for opportunity and prosperity, and if someone wants to open a standard restaurant, then by all means, they’re completely free to do so. But the brilliance of the competitive restaurant industry also means that we’re allowed — even encouraged, to an extent — to present the most creative and high-quality restaurant experience possible. 

It All Starts With Our Passion For Seafood

Oceanos Oyster Bar & Sea Grill is not your ordinary family-owned restaurant, and that’s because the Panteleakis family isn’t ordinary. Peter, the owner, and his son, Nikos, are immensely dedicated to their craft. Peter rolls his bread from scratch, baking it fresh every single day before the lunchtime crowd makes their way in. Nikos works the kitchen line, personally ensuring that each and every dish that’s set for a customer’s table is perfect down to a T. 

An Unparalleled Dining Experience Requires Hard Work

Before Peter and Nikos even make it into their restaurant in Fair Lawn, they start their day early — and we mean very early — at the famous Fulton Fish Market. There, with the vast majority of New Jersey still fast asleep, the father and son duo carefully scour the market to find the freshest, best catches that made their way in only hours before. Peter has over 40 years of experience navigating fresh seafood markets like these, and Nikos is on his way having been since he was 12 years old. 

After searching the Fulton Fish Market high and dry for the best possible catches, they shift their focus to the Solasz family’s state-of-the-art dry aging facility. “Mr. Whale” and “Little Whale,” the familial duo’s monikers, search hard for the juiciest USDA prime beef cuts complete with optimal marbling. The day hasn’t even started in the kitchen, and yet, the Panteleakis family has been at it for hours. 

Others may ask, “Why work so hard just to make seafood dishes? Is it really necessary to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to make sure that everything is prepared and accounted for later in the day?” Some call it overkill, but we call it thoroughness and an unrivaled dedication to top quality.  At the end of the day, we do it all just to see a customer’s satisfied reaction to their dish — and believe us when we say that it’s completely worth it!

Treating Our Customers Like Family

A common dynamic with upscale restaurants is that the atmosphere must be uber-fancy, the menu design must be super-chic, and customers are required to adhere to a certain dress code. Upscale restaurants seem to pass off a stuffy and uncomfortable energy, like you’re supposed to be on edge and constantly aware of your own behavior. Now, not all fancy restaurants are like this, but is this really the experience that customers want when they’re paying good money? 

At Oceanos Oyster Bar & Sea Grill, we genuinely believe that we’ve successfully fused a laid-back, comfortable environment with all of the upscale amenities and high-quality service that customers would reasonably expect. Our goal is to be the seafood restaurant in New Jersey that you can pass your keys off to the valet, receive a personal greeting as you walk through our doors, and sit down in casual clothing knowing that no one is going to hold it against you. 

Perhaps our friendly and relaxed approach to upscale dining is one of the things that really sets us apart from other seafood restaurants in New Jersey. What we do know for a fact is that long-time customers repeatedly and regularly visit us because they appreciate how they’re treated, and they always know that they’ll get a consistently delicious meal. 

Generating A Generous Reputation Among Fair Lawn Residents

We’re proud to be Fair Lawn’s go-to seafood restaurant, but we’re also a seafood restaurant for all of New Jersey in the sense that people are willing to drive a good distance just for a truly fantastic meal. We know this because we’ve received a lot of positive press attention, and we’ve been fortunate enough to inspire thousands (seriously, thousands) of elated customer reviews who brag about their experience with us. If it sounds like we’re being overly pompous here, know that we’re merely reflecting what other people are saying about Oceanos Oyster Bar & Sea Grill. 

We’ve been featured by the Associated Press, New Jersey Monthly, Estiator, My Bergen, and, among other publications. We’ve been thoroughly reviewed by Open Table as well as Zomato, Google, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, and Zagat. Needless to say, the “data” is there that makes us the go-to choice for a seafood restaurant in New Jersey. The people have spoken, and many of these individuals who once voiced their opinion now frequent Oceanos on a monthly basis. 

We’re always immensely grateful for what our customers are saying about us, and we’ll always work hard to maintain this reputation that we’ve built up over the years. 

We’re Fussy About Using The Best Ingredients

We’ve mentioned how we scour the Fulton Fish Market for the very best catches that we can find. At the nearby Hunts Point Fish Market in the Bronx, there’s a sign that plainly states, “Good fish ain’t cheap and cheap fish ain’t good.” We couldn’t agree any more. Indeed, the fish trading business is no doubt intense, to the point that the Associated Press compared to it trading on the stock market. Here, ironically, there’s no room for fishy business. 

However — and as you could imagine — the fish markets aren’t the only place that we source our ingredients from. As a matter of fact, our quest for culinary perfection actually takes the Panteleakis family back to our longtime roots of Greece. 

A Unique Take On Culinary Fusion

There’s a good reason that the Panteleakis family has been able to successfully combine different elements of traditional Greek cuisine with modern and trendy seafood dishes. The reason? Their family owns a 300-year-old farm just outside of Krokees in Southern Greece. It’s worked by tenant farmers, and the family imports items like olives, olive oil, oregano, and honey from there. 

While the physical restaurant itself saw some renovations over the course of 2016 (with more recent expansions allowing for more private event space), Nikos proudly remarked that their menu didn’t need overhauling because everything is so dialed in. While seasonal availability of different types of fish and seafood can vary, their core menu items have been a hit for many years with no sign of slowing down. 

Nikos himself said it best — plain and simple — when it comes to their standard of ingredients:

    “Greeks in Greece are very fussy over the quality of their ingredients. It’s part of the culture, so we are fussy as well.” 

Going Above And Beyond For Our Customers

Preparing exceptionally delicious dishes and serving them to our customers is the core of any upscale restaurant model, but friendly, personalized service and a true dedication to our customer’s satisfaction are what help set Oceanos Oyster Bar & Sea Grill apart from the competition. 

For example, the famous bread from Oceanos, using a sourdough starter that dates back to 1969, is available for customers to take home upon request. That’s right; the homemade bread is so good that customers routinely ask if they can get more of it, and the restaurant staff will provide them with an additional loaf at no extra charge. Given that our sourdough is mixed with pumpernickel dough as well as chopped shallot, garlic, white onion, and herbs de Provence, it’s no surprise that customers always ask for more of it. 

If you enjoy a post-dinner cup of coffee, you’ll be delighted to know that it comes with Greek butter cookies on the house. They’re made in-house by Peter’s wife, Varvara, and they’re deliciously crunchy. 

It’s small gestures of generosity like these that really tend to dazzle our customers. Don’t be surprised if Nikos or Peter personally come by your table and ask you how your experience was, especially if it’s your first time in. 

Modern Flair Is Not Left Behind

Our culinary practices may be rooted in old family traditions and ingredients harvested straight from the family farm, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find fresh, innovative, and trendy dishes at Oceanos Oyster Bar & Sea Grill. Whether you’re a food critic or new to fine dining, we’re confident that you’ll be fairly impressed with our menu when you visit our seafood restaurant in New Jersey. 

Take our 10-ounce grilled filet mignon, served with a portobello mushroom cap, crispy pancetta, and a lavender-peppercorn-cabernet demi-glace. Our crab cakes with Dijon aioli are a popular menu item, as well as the crispy coconut-coated shrimp and the mussels Lyonnaise sauteed in Dijon mustard, garlic, and white wine. 

For the ultimate blend of modern and old-world Greek, our Mediterranean spread starter is a great way to go. 

Your Private Event, Made Perfect

We’ll admit that we’re not the only seafood restaurant and oyster bar in New Jersey that offers a private seating area. You see, it’s not so much the private event area itself that makes Oceanos a special place to celebrate a birthday, revel in an anniversary, or shine the spotlight on a graduate. It’s the incredible attention to detail and personalization that makes people’s nights so special, time and time again. 

The perfect restaurant ambiance is made possible by a behind-the-scenes figure that you’ll have to pay close attention to notice. We turn again to Varvara, Peter’s wife, who oversees front of house operations to ensure that customers truly do have the perfect experience. Yes, going out and getting the best catches of the day, preparing them, and cooking them to order does take a lot of work, but the Oceanos experience goes beyond the food. It’s everything that you see, taste, smell, hear, and touch that makes for a lasting memory. 

With a warm and inviting environment complemented by natural materials, rich tones and crisp linens, the words “classy”, “comfortable,” and “unforgettable” come to mind. 

Celebrate Life And Join Our New Jersey Seafood Restaurant For An Unforgettable Experience!

An evening spent at an upscale seafood restaurant is certainly not a cheap affair, but as the Hunts Point Fish Market is quick to say, cheap fish is no good. All too often, people tend to make lavish purchases and buy expensive items that just aren’t necessary. An expensive meal isn’t necessary, but you’ll have an enjoyable several hours and a lasting memory to draw from instead of something that sits on a shelf never to be used again. 

We can’t dictate how anyone spends their time or money, but we really think that an evening spent with us is well worth it. Make a reservation with Oceanos Oyster Bar & Sea Grill or inquire about a private event with us today. We’re excited to welcome you into our family!