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It’s a thriller ... a love story  ... a classic ... a masterpiece...
It could very well be the only book you’ll ever want to savor.

It’s this Fall’s most anticipated read and 
you’re going to want to drink it all in! 


The Manifesto- OCEANOS’ Little Black Book (only it’s not little)
is hitting the shelves and you’re getting first sip!

What can you expect?

Well, for starters,  the author - our very own home boy (and Tarantino prodigé) Nikos Panteleakis- is joining the prestigious ranks of Jersey’s most prolific, contemporary novelists with this bold undertaking, dedicated exclusively to his patrons. He reveals over 500 leading roles, ranging from the rare and the mysterious, to the passionate ‘love’ interests, to the ‘make my night’ protagonists to the ‘damn that’s good’ daredevils - all in one exciting, page-turning, cork-popping, lip smacking, smooth swallowing, never-ending adventure. 

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Nikos admits the research was brutal. He’s sampled over 2500 different wines from all over the world before selecting the 500 - the rare, the hard to get and the not yet discovered - BEST for his manifesto. 



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He’s also surprised at how the critics have reacted so far.  Decanter?  Wine Spectator? Oprah???!!! Well they, themselves, didn’t actually comment (yet!), but if they were to, we’re sure this is what they’d say... 

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It’s no surprise then, that even before its exclusive release here at OCEANOS  the Manifesto - is  already a #No 1 Best Cellar.  In the end, all Nikos hopes for with this gulp fiction, is to create incredible times and long lasting memories for everyone who comes in, thirsting for the Best!

I'll drink to that!

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