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Whatever style of wine you may be in the mood for, Oceanos can supply. We’ve carefully scoured the globe for wines of every type and flavor to build up a list that is simply in a league of its own.

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Our Focus

The enthusiasm of our wine program is designed to elevate your dining experience with deliciously chosen selections.  We strive to present a diverse selection of offerings at all levels of wine.  We show great strengths in Champagne and Bold California Reds as well as worldly whites and French & Italian Reds.  Our wine list is ever evolving and is always under construction.  Each month something new and delicious is joining our wine family and we are always eager to share.  We welcome any questions or if you would like help choosing something special for your reservation we are ready to help.  Send us an email at and our sommeliers will be happy to assist you. 



Everyday somewhere is a special occasion.  A milestone, a toast, a bonus, or big diamond ring.  There is something about Champagne that says celebration.  Our extensive Champagne and Sparkling selections are carefully curated to showcase bubbles like you have never tasted before.  We are so happy that we have been able to source the exclusive “Special Club” Champagnes that are a producers “best of the best” of their vineyard.  Notes of toasted almonds, lemon zest, apricots, toasted pastries & marmalades are expressed in our selections.  We encourage you to elevate your dining by starting off with a bottle of the bubbly and experience the effervescence float you away.


Nothing quite oozes class or elegance like a fine red wine. Whether you seek to woo a new flame, treat a loved one, or impress a high-profile client, our award-winning wine menu can help. The most compelling aspect of red wines is their versatility, their ability to perfectly complement any dish or serve as the perfect companion for any high-class social occasion. We have specially curated a list full of fine reds from all over the world, well-suited for any palette. If your circumstance calls for celebration, contemplation, or just a little je ne sais quoi, our selection of red wines are perfect for you.


Whether as a thirst-quenching refreshment before your appetizers are served, an accompaniment with dessert, or the perfect complement to any part of your meal, white wine is a timeless delicacy perfect for any occasion. Oceanos’ menu is full of white wines in an absolutely stunning variety of vintages, from wineries across the entirety of the world. Whatever your desires, our expertly-curated wine list has on it a perfectly aged wine of every note and flavor you can imagine. Explore our menu on your own, or let our expert staff guide you towards your next favorite vintage of white wine. Either way, our selection won’t disappoint!

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