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Creating Something Special: What’s The Deal With The Copper River King Salmon?

Any seafood lover knows how delicious — and healthy — salmon is. Whether you’re a sushi type of person or you find fresh, smoked salmon to be absolutely unavoidable, rest assured that you are in good company. As one might expect, Oceanos Restaurant is no stranger to salmon or high-quality fish. Serving up the freshest, most carefully-curated seafood dishes in New Jersey, we’re proud to be people’s go-to seafood grill in Fair Lawn. 

Dedication To Perfection At Our Fair Lawn Seafood Restaurant

If you’ve checked out our about page on our website, you might be wondering to yourself, “Why do Peter and Nikos wake up so early and work so hard all day? Do they ever get any sleep?” With respect to their dedication as high-quality seafood and restaurant experience connoisseurs, that’s a fair question and a fair concern, dear reader. To explain the Panteleakis’ passion behind their Fair Lawn seafood restaurant, you must consider their family’s sacred 40-year tradition of crafting, grilling, searing, baking, and concocting the finest food and beverages that you’ll have the pleasure of coming across. 

Whether you’re on a romantic date, renting out a section of our restaurant for a private party (with expansions on their way!), or simply dropping by for a nice, candle-lit meal with the family, Oceanos Restaurant is excited to open our doors and welcome you to our family. We wouldn’t have it any other way! 

With our friendly introduction aside, we’re here to highlight a special menu item that we’re particularly elated about: Copper River Salmon. Like we mentioned above, if you’re a salmon fan, then you are in the right place! If not, it would be a shame not to give such a high-quality seafood dish a try, but we’d hardly force anything onto anyone. That’s just not the Oceanos way. 

Read below to learn more about the Copper River Salmon and why our Fair Lawn seafood restaurant is featuring such an incredible fish dish for a limited time. 

The Copper River

Home to the birthplace of three wild Alaskan salmon species, the Copper River fishing season is...well, seasonal to say the least. The Copper River is the source of the Copper River King, the Copper River Sockeye, and the Copper River Coho Salmon. If you’re fortunate enough to try the Sockeye or the Coho, let us say that you will not be disappointed as these Alaskan Salmon are known for their smooth, refined flavor profile. However, we’re not here to discuss these types of Alaskan Salmon. 

The Copper River King

As the name would imply, the Copper River King Salmon is the most sought-after fish of the three species. Regarded as “The Connoisseur's Salmon” by many in the fishing and fine dining industries, this is no everyday salmon that you’ll be sinking your teeth into. Of course, like most types of salmon, the King has plenty of lean protein, healthy fats and brain-boosting Omega-3s designed to support human health. As far as meat protein goes, salmon is about as nutritionally ideal as it gets! 

However, what makes the King so special is that, due to the relatively steep journey these salmon must forge up the Copper River, the King must pack on considerably more fat than the Coho or the Sockeye. As a result, the River Salmon is much bigger in size and more savory in taste. While the Sockeye averages around 6 lbs and the Coho averages close to 12 lbs, you’re looking at close to a 20-pound average for the King! 

A Healthy Fish Dish That Literally Melts In Your Mouth

When properly prepared — something that you won’t have to worry about at our Fair Lawn seafood grill — the Copper River King will melt onto your tongue, completed by a juicy, succulent texture and a rich flavor that’s not soon to be forgotten. 

The nutritional facts of the Copper River King are as follows: 

  • Serving size: 7 oz

  • 460 calories

  • 26g of fat

  • 52g of protein (!)

  • 3,400mg of Omega-3s

Don’t Miss Out — Come On Down To Oceanos Restaurant Soon! 

This salmon dish is a true treat meant for salmon lovers and fine seafood connoisseurs alike. Host a private event or book a reservation to celebrate this incredible salmon dish at our seafood grill in Fair Lawn today!