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Get yours yet?

It’s just days before Christmas and from far and from near, 
all of Fair Lawn is frantic for some holiday cheer. 
Some try trees & decorations, others lights so bright & clear. 
But, if only they stopped their panic, they’d find the spirit is right here.

Yup!  The spirit is right here, alright. And it’s better and boozier than ever.
(clue: it’s liquid, it’s legendary and it kicks a**)


You guessed it! The MIDNIGHT MANHATTAN whiskey cocktail is BACK
and it’s precision agedand blended by none other than the esteemed whiskey wizard Bourbonmeister
... the bourbon baron of Bergen County. 


(psst: You may have seen him around OCEANOS - he bares an uncanny resemblance to someone else that’s there, but that’s another story) Our Bourbonmeister has been seen skillfully aging this secret ‘stash’ to a sweet maturity, extracting the seductive charms of Redwood’s XXX proof bourbon-rye blend. 


While the MIDNIGHT meister would never divulge his sacred secrets, we did witness him pouring in 3!!! (that’s right, 3!) different  Amaros  into the stash and then tickle with a flirt of orange bitters. Which would explain how he gets your ‘spirits’ to a whole other level.

It comes in 16oz bottles and gives you 4-5 kick a*** portions - enough to definitely feel the spirit. 

Whether it’s for a one-of-a kind stocking stuffer, a last minute bf gift or just a personal ‘stash’
to get you thru the next few weeks (we hear you!) This MIDNIGHT MANHATTAN Private Stash
by our BOURBON MEISTER is only here for a good time, (not a long time!) and it’s only available
at the Bar at OCEANOS.


So, if you’re looking to get your Holiday ho ho started (and who isn’t?) 
there’s nothing like a good stash.

Now, that’s the spirit.