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Ahhhh! The shiny first week of the new year.
Fresh starts. Fresh promises and a fresh new sheet of resolutions to “get it right” in ‘22. 

  NEW ME!” the chant across the nation as we promise ourselves that this year we are going to do it.  Out of 1500 participants studied  in December,  50% wanted to exercise more this year, 39% wanted to improve their diet and 18% wanted to learn a new skill. (Ironically only 4% wanted to cut down on drinking.) 


With such lofty ambitions circulating inside us why then are all the ‘gurus’ nay saying our dreams? Even the Tony Robbins out there  are convinced that come February over 80% of us are going to fail.  Whoa!!! So why even try, right?

Well, forget the stats.  We’re here to save the day (and year!) by proving these Tonys wrong.
Take it from us, all you really need is a k.i.s.s.a close up of a flower

Yup. We want you to be good to ‘you’ this year.  So diss the stress of ‘guaranteed to fail’  goals and ‘reward’ yourself with our k.i.s.s (keeping it so simple) resolutions that you can actually love all year. 

Sounds too simple, doesn‘t it?


That’s because it is.  

We’re talking two of the most rewarding benefits you get from life -  and coincidentally from dining here with us -  being Healthy & Happy.  Nothing says healthy more than dining on fresh fish, and if there’s one thing we do here at OCEANOS...
We do really. fresh. fish. You get dozens of our day boat choices and seasonal ‘catches’. Plus our preparations are so Mediterranean (aka healthy) that you’ll be sticking to your resolution without even knowing it.


And  speaking of resolutions...
Did you know that none of the lists we saw had ‘being Happy’ anywhere?!?  Crazy! Who doesn’t want that?!?  Since no one is ever not happy with champagne, we have over 124 different selections of happy  (Champagnes)  to take you thru 2022. From the glass to the bottle to the magnum. Whatever size of happy you want this year, it’s one of the easiest goals you can reach for - right here at OCEANOS.

So forget the Tonys out there and toss those difficult promises you never liked in the first place.
Let’s make 2022 the healthiest and happiest year yet. You deserve it.
Besides, It’s only a  k.i.s.s. away.