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Lunch Therapy

Yes. It's a thing!  It’s right up there with retail therapy and golf therapy... It’s lunch therapy and it’s helped over 42% of Americans in 2021 alone. 

We know. The word therapy sounds, well... extreme.  But what this does in one single hour - at the most critical part of your day - when you need it the most - could very well change your life.

Jon Hamm wearing a suit and tie

Besides offering a calm, relaxing escape for you to get away to - in your choice of Eden-like garden or rich warm, mahogany comfort - your one hour with us here at OCEANOS offers a whole menu of exciting, and savory lunch ‘remedies’, so your ‘treat’ment never has to be the same.

We’ve nicknamed them our ‘Pleasure’ principles - (and yes, Freud did steal our idea) since they gratify your immediate urges and desires. (Wait ‘til you sink your teeth into these!)


Think lunch therapy is not for you?  The answer is in these 5 simple questions. Answer “yes” to any one of these and, well...  (hate to say we told you, but...) you need to go for lunch.  

1.  Are you getting unexpected ‘want to scream or cry’ mood swings and it’s only 11:30?          
(you need to go for lunch)

a sandwich and fries on a plate

2.  Do you find yourself shopping online for one-way travel destinations?  
(you need to go for lunch)

3.  Do you have the next cryptocurrency/baby shark idea and need to tell Elon Musk & Bill Gates?  
(you need to go for lunch)

a piece of cake on a plate

4.  Did you miss your best friend’s birthday yesterday (for the 3rd straight year?)          
(you need to go for lunch)

5.  Do you feel that you deserve better than the re-used paper bag of 3-day old leftovers you desperately called today’s lunch?
(you need to go for lunch at OCEANOS!)

a bowl of soup on a table

So... are you ready to find your joy? All it takes is an hour in your day, here at OCEANOS and before you know it, you’re on your way to a whole ‘new ‘you’ attitude’. Oh and Btw: You can still call it lunch, only we know it’s really lunch therapy.