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Meet the Good Looking One of the Family

Pete Panteleakis  with Arctic char

Wikipedia claims it’s a salmon. Webster says it’s a trout.  So... who’s right? And better yet, what are we talking about? 


They’re both right.
We’re talking about the unknown cousin to both salmon and trout -  the secret favorite in the family. None other than ARCTIC CHAR.

a close up of a plate of food

If you’ve never had Arctic Char, ohhh baby, are you in for a treat.  The first thing that’ll catch your eye is its incredible beauty. (much more beautiful than its cousins, though neither salmon nor trout were available for comment) With its firm pink flesh color and deliciously crispy thin grilled skin, it is truly a beaut on a plate. 

Oh, and did we mention it’s incredibly rich? Heart-healthy, omega-3, nutrient-rich - which makes it even more desirable. And when it comes to taste? Well, let’s just say its light, sweet, buttery moist taste has been known to convert even the most fish adverse.


What's even more attractive is our special way of treating Arctic char here at OCEANOS. We grill it in such a way so that the skin is extra crispy delicious while enhancing its moist, rich tasty flavor. We top it with a lime and ginger beurre blanc for a creamy, tangy something extra, and complete with our signature, roasted lemon potatoes.


When you think about it, maybe Arctic char is the cousin that salmon and trout don’t want you to meet. But now that you know about it, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds in one?
Besides, who doesn’t want to meet the best-looking one in the family?