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crab legs n'chill

It’s the summer fling that
everyone is eating up!

So, Benifer is history, and Tayvis is well ... everywhere you turn. But there’s a new fling on the block.  The summer crush! foodies and seafood lovers just can’t get enough of ... 

...  it’s the sizzling summer love affair that’s been tantalizing taste buds  
and leaving everyone craving more.

Of course, it involves our leggy Casanova - ALASKAN KING CRAB LEGS  with their colossal size, vibrant color, and oozing with buttery tender, flaky sweet meat...  (Lets face it, these legs were born to steal hearts and appetites.)

Our Crab legs are a love affair on their own but, introduce them to the tangy, flirty bite of SANCERRE’s LA MERCY- DIEU 2022  with its playfully fresh, floral, citrusy charm .. and... WOAH! 

It was love at first sip.
The smooth way this Sancerre wowed  Casanova’s ( aka Alaskan king crab legs’) - tender flavor, enhancing the rich crab sweetness with its soft herbal flavors and vibrant  palate. 

It’s undeniable.  Together, stirring a passion on the palate, with each sip and bite revealing a new, harmonious layer of .... taste and... excitement.

Will this fling last forever?  One thing we know for sure is the sizzle these two are creating is giving tastebuds a fling to remember this summer.  

get ready to crab legs n' chill

It’s all possible at OCEANOS.