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What’s... (a) intoxicating in a glass, and (b) dazzling on a finger... (c) majestic along the skyline and (d) hypnotic as you linger... (e) famous as an actor, (f) monumental as our forefathers... (g) add a cascading stream to it and you have enchantment like no other... 

What am I?



That’s right. But not just any rocks, people. In case you want to check your answers, we’re talking (a) ice cubes, (b) diamonds, (c) Mount Everest, (d) waterfalls, (e) Dwayne Johnson, (f) Mount Rushmore and...  most importantly! (g) the outdoor Paradise / Rock garden terrasse at Oceanos!  What do they all share in common?  

These rocks rock! 

And totally rock they do. OCEANOS’ rock garden terrasse is among some pretty ‘A’ class company.  (It‘s not everyday you get a breathtaking experience like  “the Rock”  or OCEANOS’ private gem - garden oasis.  (both equally as breathtaking, btw!)  But only one of these (sorry, Dwayne!) offers a serene and immersive fairytale setting in nature, to step away from the bustle of your day, and dine in a magical, serene, rock garden paradise.

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Some guests insist this lush masterpiece is the 8th wonder of the world, and while we‘d like to agree,  it really is the passion project of our very own madame Lublu, (OCEANOS’ poetic visionary of romantic garden art!)  This lush wonder is one of the 3 masterpieces she’s crafted for our outdoor dining -  a labor of love, that she‘s dedicated months to, sourcing and designing, hand picking and placing every delicate flower and vine into a work of nature’s art, to create this Mediterranean setting of blossoming bougainvillea, wisteria and roses, cascading around the rushing mist of a natural waterfall backdrop. 

It’s no surprise then that it’s the #1 destination for Marriage proposals. Wedding parties, graduations, special birthdays, dj’ed bachelorettes... or, just best friends wanting to spend time together ...

when it comes to celebrating life and/or love,
our garden paradise definitely rocks.  


                See you in Paradise!