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Aahhhh, tuna... We love it. So much so that we consume over 2 billion pounds of it each year, as far back as our school day lunches (remember those sandwiches?) But still, after all that tuna, can we really say we've ever tasted it?  

Well, get ready for that to change, 'cause the real deal is right here and it's bringing out the aaaahhhhhh in tuna.  

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What's so 'aaaahhhhhhsome' about our yellowfin tuna', you ask?

... you mean, beyond its infamous 'melt in your mouth' taste?

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For starters, our yellowfin tuna is wild, straight from the vast depths of the Atlantic. No cages, no confinement, just the pure freedom of the open ocean. All thanks to our trusted partner, and fish expert extraordinaire, Timmy, The result is a tuna steak of the highest quality, so tender it practically tumbles off your fork as you try to eat it.


But freshness is just the beginning. Our yellowfin tuna is sustainably sourced, meaning that while we're satisfying our cravings, we're also taking care of our oceans. No guilt, just pure, unadulterated pleasure. How's that for a win-win situation?

We can't ignore how visually stunning (not to mention healthy!) this steak is. 


Its vibrant pink flesh immediately catches your eye which - when seared OCEANOS style - flaunts a deliciously juicy rare steak centre in its savory sesame-crusted exterior.  Served thick-cut sashimi style on a bed of noodles with ginger, scallions and soy vinaigrette ... and each bite is a  divine balance of buttery tenderness and firm meaty flavor.

That's the 'aaahhh'someness  of our yellowfin tuna.

So... if you're looking for some 'aaaahhh'dventure this weekend, come taste the real thing... the deliciously tender sesame-crusted flavor of our yellowfin tunaaahhh steak.