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Labor day is gone and so too is the last day off of summer! Doesn‘t it suddenly feel like Cinderella at the ball when the clock strikes midnight?  Curfew time!  Because of one day on the calendar we suddenly have to lock away our fun and easy, light n’ breezy joys of summer and face reality. And that means taking away our whites (pun!) aaarrrrgggghhh

a drawing of a face

Our guests here at OCEANOS don’t follow those rules!  No no no no no! With your style and your attitude, there’s no way.  As Steve Jobs said about you (in 1997),
“You’re the ones who see things differently... the rebels... who change things.”
And we say,  it’s ok to take back your rights to wear whites!


And to prove it, we're letting history speak for itself! 

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So let’s start at the beginning. While we didn’t actually get an interview with Adam and Eve themselves, we did hear a leak from TMZ that alleged that their fig leaves were actually white. Why not? After all, they were the originals. REBELS.

John Trumbull et al. wearing military uniforms

And then there was the Declaration in 1791. Out of an entire assembly of waist coats and vests, who says Thomas Jefferson wasn‘t wearing white to demonstrate his freedom of expression.  Declaration REBEL.


Of course there’s Coco Chanel - the round peg in a square hole, she famously lived her life according to her own rules, defying the snobs way back in the 30’s and 40’s, defining style by designing and wearing white suits every day.  REBEL.

Nancy Sinatra posing for the camera

Flashback to 1964 and the birth of the go go boots. Suddenly chunky white knee highs were empowering an entire nation to put their white boot forward.  ps: Shout out to Nancy Sinatra for bringing the beat to the feet of these groovy REBELS.

We could go on, but we think this is your time to make your own history.
Defy the calendar and dare to wear your whites any time, day or night!
So what if you break a rule? You‘ll look amazing doing it! REBEL.graphical user interface, text