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Pete, the whisperer is back
with the gold!

... white gold that is!   - the ‘prime rib of the sea’... or as foodies describe it...  the ‘tastiest’, ‘firmest’, ‘meatiest’, tenderest’... (often in the same sentence!)

This is the reaction we’re getting since Pete’s brought back the freshest of fresh (aka: same day fresh!) wild-caught halibut, fresh from the icy, deep Atlantic waters of Digby, Nova Scotia.

Die-hard anglers will tell you, that Halibut is not terribly fun to fish for (think: reeling up a 200-pound bath mat through hundreds of feet of icy-cold water), but woah! is it delicious!
One taste of this distinct flaky fresh flavor and you know, Pete’s struck gold.

And if you think Pete knows how to  catch them, wait til you see how he cooks them.  

‘never the same recipe.
always an unforgettable taste'

Flavor seekers will be thrilled to know we’re serving  this wild Atlantic halibut a different way every day - from grilled, ‘steak-like’ perfection to crispy and drizzling in garlic and ginger -  with each recipe celebrating the unique texture  and natural light clean flavors that make this fish ‘gold’.

So treat yourself to the many amazing tastes of fresh, wild halibut at its very best.  
Just say the magic words,
‘I'm here for the 'halibut' 
and get ready for pure delicious gold.


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