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Just weeks before Xmas and in case you didn’t know...
We’re putting the magic in the season with the best parties you can throw. 

There’s MAGICAL,
there’s ELEGANT,
we’ve got COZY,
we’ve got COOL ...
There is virtually no holiday-themed party that we cannot rule.

a screenshot of a video game

a table with wine glasses

a person on stage with stage lights and an audience

a close up of a lamp

That’s right. 4 festive venues for whatever your gang wishes...
plus we’ve got exquisite group menus that cater to all your favorite dishes.

You want colossal shrimp? Calamari? Wild Salmon or a Sea Bass plate?
You want oh-so juicy USDA prime, or tender lamb chops on your date?
Add our homemade breads, our own greek olives and of course our luscious sweets...
desserts that cry out ‘hohoho’.  They’re what make the meal complete. 

a little girl sitting in a dark room

Ditch the concept of being ‘home alone’!  No stingy grinching for you!
Let‘s pour you one of our  ‘naughty’ cocktails  (or... maybe even two!)   

Oh, we can’t forget our award-winning wine list (What‘s the spirit without a bottle near?)
Just ask for your fave and lift a glass, it’s time for Xmas cheer.


So yes! the Xmas party’s officially on!
Be it for groups of 6 to 82. 

So don’t you pout, instead come on out
for a celebration that’s Holiday made just for you!

It’s OCEANOS. We’ve got Xmas all wrapped up
just for you. 

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