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Oceanos Black Sea Bass

In case there's any confusion, the raves are not for Micheal Douglas and Sharon Stone. (Although they did a terrific job!)  

We're referring to the real  "BASS"IC INSTINCT. (the 'sea'ing is believing' version, with taste) - the one starring  WILD BLACK SEA BASS in a leading role that will have you clutching your forks with anticipation. This is Bass at its best, in its wildest form, giving an unforgettable experience that's nothing shy of delicious, flaky, moist and delicate.

Sure, other Bass 'wannabe's' tried for the part but WILD BLACK SEA BASS was born to play this grilling, skin-on filet role,  drizzled in extra virgin Greek olive oil and capers to show off the texture and succulence of its character.  The final scene where it is on a nest of creamy spinach and tomato risotto is... well, ok...we won't spoil the climax. ( but, let's just say it'll blow your mind!)

So, If you're looking for a mouthwateringly flavorful adventure starring a wild, bass'y superstar ...forget the movie theater and head over to OCEANOS for front-row tickets to this summer's sizzling hot thriller ...