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Einstein and Tesla at OCEANOS Bar

What happens when you get two of the most brilliant minds of all time, together in the same room? Well, if these two men happen to be ALBERT EINSTEIN and NIKOLA TESLA... and the room just so happens to be the bar at OCEANOS, then it’s history in the making.

The irony is these guys weren’t friends. Far from it. They lived an hour away from each other
(Guess what? Einstein was a Jersey boy, most of his life, folks!)  yet they were never seen in the same room together. Ever.

So for them to be caught here - in the same bar - at OCEANOS... well, as Einstein would like to think, it’s all relative!

a close up of a book


Einstein’s not even a drinker. This sockless, disheveled eccentric who insisted on his 10 hr sleep every night (can you really slumber your way to a sharper mind?) did give in to his glass of red wine to accompany his relentless smoking habit (yes, even geniuses are human).

His weakness?   

VOKEL CABERNET 2018 -  the elusive elixir of his creative source.  (the similarities between the two are limitless!) VOKEL is to man what E=MC2 is to the universe... 


Albert Einstein holding a glass of wine

VOKEL  (meaning 'in their own words') like Einstein’s works - lets its grapes speak for themselves.

This artisan wine from VOKEL’s ultra-boutique micro-winery in the Russian River Valley, has the singular (‘Einstein’ian??) mission of forging personal connections to the land, the process and the wines they create. Each run is scarcely limited and fiercely individual, producing a powerful modern New World cabernet, characterized by ripe fruit, firm tannins and massive popularity.  And, again - like the brilliant mind who drinks it - its complex structure is beautifully balanced and rare to find, and its appeal is universal.  

And what’s Tesla’s excuse? 

For this 6’2” forefather of the radio and the electric car - among his 300 patents- who spoke eight languages, could work 84 hours without sleep, had a photographic memory, an obsession with pigeons and an aversion to women’s earrings, Tesla was an inflexible ‘delusional’, obsessive-compulsive loner. Not exactly ideal bar company but ... boy, was he a sucker for a good stiff whiskey.

a close up of a book

And he was quick to recognize genius in a glass in OCEANOS’  MIDNIGHT MANHATTAN.
This big, boozy whiskey cocktail - rich in sultry & seductive charms, won him over every time, evoking some hidden sensory delights of midnight.

Nikola Tesla wearing a suit and tie

Do we blame or thank our triple x proof bourbon-rye for having this effect? Maybe it‘s the blend of three (3) sultry Amaros and a flirt of orange bitters that takes his midnight to the next level. Whatever it is, Tesla certainly loved testing his theories on MIDNIGHT MANHATTAN!


So, in the end, in spite of all their differences in worldly vision, there’s one thing these two could agree on - and the reason why you’d see these two geniuses walk into our bar - and that’s OCEANOS is where great minds think alike.

Want to test that theory?